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Entrance reducers

 Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the entrance to a beehive, or even to close it. For this purpose, entry reducers or doors are used. There are many reasons for reducing access to a beehive: protection, isolation, transport, pest attack... To know everything on the subject, read the following article.

Types of entrance reducers

There are several types of entrance reducers. Some are made of wood and slip between the hive body and the flight board. They are generally adapted to the hive and are not interchangeable from one hive model to another. Choose them adapted to your model Dadant, Voirnot, Warre...

Others are composed of a support fixed to the beehive on which we slide the entrance reducer. There are several models with different sizes depending on the desired use. They are made of plastic or metal.

Why place an entrance reducer

Entrance reducers have several functions:

  • insulation
  • prevent mice from entering
  • complete closure of the hive
  • anti intrusion of Asian hornets
  • stop robbing bees


When the entrance to the hive is reduced, the amount of air that is exchanged at the entrance is reduced. It is therefore indeed an element of insulation which is practical during the winter. The ideal is to place it in October and to remove it in the spring when there is more back and forth to the flight board.

Prevent mice from entering

It is more common than believed for a mouse to establish its winter quarters in the hive. She makes a nest there, takes advantage of the ambient heat and nibbles honey as well as wax and even bees. It is a disturbing factor and its excrement brings bacteria that are not desirable.

Reducing the height of the entrance prevents it from entering the hive. This equipment should be placed before winter and removed in the spring.

Complete closure of the hive

Some slides allow to close the hive to prevent the exit of the bees. They are most often perforated to allow ventilation of the hive.

Sometimes some use foam that is compressed in the entrance. It is practical but in fact once the foam is compressed, it does not allow any more air to pass through and the ventilation is less assured.

These closures are useful when you want to move your colonies. The bees cannot go out and the hive remains ventilated. For more information, do not hesitate to consult the article on the transport of colonies. (and this article if you transport them by car)

Protection against the Asian hornet

In the event of an Asian hornet attack, there is the possibility of placing a slide with a suitable size to allow the passage of bees while preventing the entry of hornets.