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The benefits of pollen

Pollen is one of those wonderful products offered by nature and in particular by bees. To know the benefits of pollen and learn how to consume it, read the article on the benefits of pollen.

benefits of pollen

What is pollen?

Pollen is produced by flowers for the purpose of sexual reproduction to produce fruit or seeds.
Pollen is made up of vitamins (15-20%), carbohydrates (35%), minerals and proteins (20%).

How is it collected?

The pollen is collected from the flowers by the bees. The pollen sticks to the bee which, by means of combs placed on its legs, brushes it in baskets on the hind legs. The pollen balls thus formed are brought back to the hive to feed the bee larvae.

bee collect pollen

The beekeeper installs a pollen trap at the entrance to the hive that collects a small part of the pollen brought in by the bees. The beekeeper collects it every day and dries it before keeping it cool.

The benefits of pollen:

Immune system stimulant:

 Pollen boosts the body's immune defenses. If you are feeling weak and prone to infections, consider taking a pollen cure as pollen is a natural fortifier.

Fight asthenia:

If you suffer from physical or intellectual fatigue, pollen is an invigorating product that will restore your tone. It helps to improve memory and as such is a natural aid for exam students.

In the event of convalescence:

After an illness, an accident or an operation, pollen is a restorative that will stimulate you to get back in shape while protecting you from infections. The effect on the body is beneficial to regain the previous form.

To fight allergies:

For people prone to allergies, a pollen cure stimulates the immune system and strengthens you against allergies.

How to consume pollen:

The consumption of pollen must be done over a period of at least fifteen days and ideally over six weeks. Take a tablespoon of pollen balls every day that you can consume pure or diluted in water or orange juice according to your taste. Some people like it in yogurt too. It's up to you to choose the mode of consumption that appeals to you.

consume pollen
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