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What budget to start beekeeping?

How much does beekeeping cost? This question is often asked to me and it is not easy to establish the budget of a beekeeper. I will try to give indications to fix the ideas. This allows candidate beekeepers to realize the amount necessary although the investment of time to acquire the concepts and to practice is more consequent in my opinion than the financial investment.
In this article, I'll give you the budget of one beehive and you'll multiply it by the number of hives that you want to keep, and then the equipment to visit your beehives.

Budget for one beehive

This is the minimum to start:
  1. Complete beehive, painted, assembled with 10 frames: about $150
  2. Complete super, painted, assembled with 10 frames: $79
  3. 10 Frames Plastic Queen Excluder: $14
  4. Hive stand: $40
  5. Bee feeder: Pack of 3 bee feeders cost $16 (if you buy one it will cost $8)
Pack of 3 bee feeder
So, the total amount for one beehive is $299.

Budget for the equipment to visit your hives

  1. Beekeeping Supplies Starters Kit composed of: Smoker, Uncapping Fork Tool, Bee Brush, Frame Grip, Extracting Scraper: $35
  2. Beekeeping suit with gloves: $55
The total amount for the equipment: $90

Other material

Refractometer for Honey Moisture: $24
Two frames manual stainless steel honey extractor: $220