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Set goals in beekeeping

As in any activity, setting goals is the best way to progress. Objectives in beekeeping can be numerous and each one will establish them according to his knowledge, his ambitions and especially his centers of interest. What matters is knowing where you are going. Here are some beekeeping goals and how to get there.

Multiply colonies

When starting out, increasing the number of colonies is often a goal. There are many means: division, swarm traps, capturing swarms ...
Each method has its advantages and disadvantages which you will discover in the articles mentioned above.

Produce honey

Honey production is often another goal. Perhaps wrongly, because intensive production sometimes comes at the expense of bees.

Producing more, however, has constraints in terms of material, time for extracting and potting, and disposing of the honey produced.
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Producing his queens

Also a laudable goal in beekeeping. However, between producing a few queens for his own use and becoming a producer of queens for resale, there is a world that often young beekeepers do not want to admit.

The production of queens will only be effective if it is accompanied by a selection of the desired characteristics of the bee.

If you do not want to give yourself the means (training, investment, method and rigor), it is often preferable to acquire your queens from a good specialized breeder.

Collect the pollen

This goal is easier to pursue, but also requires rigor and method.
It is not enough to place a pollen grid in front of your hives. It should also be harvested every day, cleaned and stored in a dry place. It is also necessary to rotate the grids between the hives to avoid deficiencies for the brood.

Sell your honey

This goal is easier to achieve. Anyone can do it.
The two difficulties are to respect the legislation and to sell its production.
In terms of legislation, this mainly concerns labeling (weight, origin, contact details of the beekeeper...) at least as long as one sells at home. To sell in stores, the sanitary standards are more restrictive.
The other difficulty is to find a balance between sales and production. If at Christmas you run out of stock, the customer will look elsewhere. And from May your new harvest arrives. It is dispensable that the stock of the previous year is used up.

Prevent swarming

Finally, swarming is the biggest difficulty in beekeeping for beginners. Fortunately, by implementing a prevention strategy in the short and medium term, there is a way to considerably reduce the risk of swarming.
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