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How to choose your beekeeper suit?

The beekeeper's outfit is called bee suit, beekeeping suit or also beekeeper suit. It's an essential piece of equipment that all professionals are required to wear in order to protect themselves from bee stings. Whether you want to buy a beekeeper suit in the store or on the internet, you are sure to find a variety of items, in all ranges, in all sizes.

How to choose your beekeeper suit

Invest in a good material

Maintaining a beehive and its inhabitants requires skilled maneuvers that you must perform with flexibility. This is where the material from which your beekeeping suit is made is important. The market offers models in polyester-cotton, Ventile or ventilated textile. In the latter category, you will often have a fencing veil suit which has the advantage of being light and refreshing since it allows air to circulate.

The cotton jumpsuit is intended mainly for beekeepers who would like to invest in a classic material and a safe bet. However, while cotton is comfortable to balance body temperature, it does not match Ventile's performance in hot weather. The fibers of the latter fabric, made of premium American or Egyptian cotton, are arranged so that the material is perfectly waterproof. This is a truly technical fabric that can be found in tent fabrics or expedition clothing.

Provide useful features

Ideally choose combination models that are practical in the sense that they are provided with ingenious details. If the bee suit has many pockets, this is a good sign. Normally, there are tool pockets on the arms, pockets with Velcro fastening on the legs and chest. These inserts allow you to keep the small items you need within easy reach, to reduce comings and goings and minimize stress from insects.

Note that the strategic parts of a beekeeper's suit must have good finishes. The openings in the sleeves and feet should be fitted with elastic bands to prevent bees from infiltrate through. Check that the zippers are brass, which is a sign of resistance. Also make sure that the legs are covered with scratch bands.

The models are sold with removable veil that come in different shapes. Square veil have the advantage of offering a wide panoramic field of vision and ease of storage. Matching round veil designs generally leave more space between the face and this protective element. Which makes them more comfortable if you operate in high temperatures. Finally, some beekeeper suits have veils designed like those used by fencers. This option will be particularly suitable for women as it minimizes contact between the equipment and the wearer's head.