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10 commandments of the beekeeper

The ten most important points that every good beekeeper should respect, for his well-being, and for that of his bees.

First commandment: one or more beehives the beekeeper will buy

Do not think that a swarm can live in a tree trunk or between stones to be able to harvest honey. Buying a beehive is an important part. Although this has a certain cost (around $150), don't skimp on the quality, your bees will be better off, and your interventions will be easier.

Second commandment: good equipment to protect himself, the beekeeper at his disposal will have

Bee stings can be painful, and luckily, there is something we can do about it. There is a lot of equipment for beekeepers in terms of protection, and here is the minimum you need: protective suit, with hat and net, and gloves.

Third commandment: calm bees, the beekeeper will choose

Several species of bees are available, but we advise you to choose native and calm species.

Fourth commandment: honey and diversified plants the beekeeper will cultivate

The diversity of plants surrounding the hives is the key to success. Try to ensure that your bees always have something to eat. Some plants are more honeyed than others, such as mint, rosemary, sedum, clover, and even blueberries.

Fifth commandment: in the right place, the beekeeper will set up his hives

Bees do not like humidity, which is why they should be avoided in lowlands. Consider protecting them from the prevailing winds with a hedge. Optimal beehive exposure is achieved when the entrances face sunrise.

Sixth commandment: with the law the beekeeper will comply

Hives should not be located less than 100 m from an establishment for collective use, and less than 20 m from private property and a public road.

Seventh commandment: calm his bees, the beekeeper will leave

This will save you from stings, and the bees will only be more productive. Avoid installing them near a place of passage or pets. Read more how to avoid bees aggressiveness in this article: Bees aggressiveness - Causes and solutions.

Eighth commandment: the harvest of honey will be done with serenity

There are several methods to harvest and extract its honey. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and a good number of equipment for beekeepers exists to make the harvest go smoothly. Harvesting will be done on a sunny day and only if the frames are 80% sealed.
Read this article: How to organize for the honey harvest.

Ninth commandment: the storage conditions the beekeeper will respect

The humidity level is very important when storing honey before potting it; a maximum rate of 18% must be respected, otherwise its conservation qualities may be impaired. Read more How to store your honey.

Tenth commandment: with his friends his family the beekeeper his honey will share

This is the most important part. Remember that enjoying producing your honey and sharing it will make it better, and you will be proud of your production.