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The Italian yellow bee - Strengths and weaknesses

The Italien yellow bee,of the genus Apis, didn't exist originally on the American and Australian continents. It was introduced by the colonists.
Apis mellifera ligustica developed from the Middle East to the west. It is distributed throughout Italy. The qualities of this bee have made it the most exported to the world, especially to the American and Australian continents.

Characteristics of the Italian bee

  • Average height
  • Copper to yellow coloration, yellow abdominal bands
  • High cubital index
  • Tongue long enough (6.3 to 6.6 mm)
  • Strong colonies
  • Sense of orientation less pronounced than other breeds

Strengths of the Italian bee

  • Very gentle bee, not aggressive which facilitates work
  • Doesn't produce a lot of propolis
  • Fast development of the colony in spring
  • Very good breeding capacity
  • Good for making hybrids
  • Has a fairly developed sense of smell
  • Resists Varroa


  • Sensitive to looting
  • Winters in large populations, hence high food consumption
  • Develops a lot of brood
  • Very swarming bee