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Resolution of the most common problems in beekeeping

Beekeeping problems

Problem Causes Solution
Deserted hive after a division The hive or subdivision is too small Stronger hives are essential
The colony of a well-established hive desert > Disturbance probably by ants
> Lack of food or water
> Put an ant proof stand
> Bring water, give sugar in syrup form
Dead bees, mostly foragers, but the brood is healthy Insecticide treatment keep bees in untreated areas, make sure local farmers are well aware of bees' benefit and the dangers of pesticides.
There are dead bees outside and inside the hive, and the brood may be affected Disease seek prompt advice and learn about bee diseases
Bees sting domestic animals The animals are tied up and cannot run away Do not tie animals near a hive.
Bees sting people working nearby Disturbance near the hive Keep bees away from  workers in the fields or work in the fields early in the morning, late at night or while it is raining.
Bees sting other people Beehives are too close to a frequented place set up beehives in an isolated location, behind bushes or a hedge
The brood is very irregular on the combs > The queen is too old
> Possible disease
> Kill the queen and replace her with a younger one
> Ask for advice
Cloudy honey It contains too much pollen Harvest and handle honey more carefully
Honey crystallizes too quickly It contains too many pollen or dust particles Filter more carefully and avoid too much pollen
Honey crystallizes It's natural Gently reheat the honey to reliquefy it
Honey ferments It contains too much water and sometimes too much pollen Keep containers tightly closed; Do not harvest un-capped honeycombs
The smoker goes out > Smoker fuel is wet
> The smoker was lit on top
> Use a dry fuel
> Lit the smoker at the bottom