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How To Get Rid Of Varroa with natural methods (with videos)

What is Varroa

Varroa destructor is a parasitic mite of honey bees whether larvae, nymphs or adults. Its origin is Southeast Asia, which coexists with Apis cerana, known as the "Asian bee", which presents a natural resistance to this parasite unlike other breeds of honey bees.

Natural treatment of varroa
Some beekeepers in North Africa, who have the European bee, use the dried thym to control varroa. The method is simple, just add 0.35 oz. in the smoker and smoke the hive 3 times a week.

Other beekeepers use chopped fresh garlic with thyme and they put it in small cloth or plastic bags. They take half a bulb of garlic and mix it with two tablespoons of thyme. The small bag, which is placed between the frames, must be changed every five days.

Another method, which seems successful according to the video below, is to run a brush of olive oil over a sheet of paper and lay it at the bottom of the hive, varroa will stick on it.

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