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 How do you know if the queen is absent?
Danino 09 April 2021
Sometimes it happens that the queen is absent in the hive. This can be a problem for the development of the colony, for the harvest and even...
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Beginnings in beekeeping: how to do it?
Danino 20 December 2020
Starting in beekeeping is a reasoned process that cannot be improvised. These are the steps to follow before starting. Timing You don't ...
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How to move beehives
Danino 20 October 2020
 If you must move beehives, there are rules you should know to avoid disturbing the colonies during transport. They are linked to the biolog...
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Transporting a beehive by car
Danino 20 October 2020
 There always comes a time when you will have to transport a beehive a long distance. You will need to do this by car with or without a trai...
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How to combine two bee colonies
Danino 10 September 2020
 Combining bee colonies is simple to do, but many beginner beekeepers do not dare to practice it. This blog on beekeeping offers you a metho...
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How and what to feed bees?
Danino 02 September 2020
Feeding the bees is essential to ensure the survival of the colony. By collecting the honey, the beekeeper actually takes the reserves made ...
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Beekeeping calendar - What to do in September
Danino 01 September 2020
In September the weather becomes more unstable, we observe the last blooms (heather, ivy, etc.). The activity of the colony decreases notice...
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