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Another vision of swarming
Danino 17 May 2022
 Swarming is often the beekeeper's fear. Let's explore together why bees swarm and how to prevent it. Often, the beekeeper curses wh...
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Covered apiary or open apiary
Danino 20 January 2022
 When you build a new apiary, you are usually in a hurry and build an open apiary. This decision, taken quickly in order to be able to start...
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 The season of planting trees and honey plants
Danino 23 December 2021
  To do good for our bees while helping nature, let's not hesitate to plant trees and hedges. This provides pollen and nectar for our be...
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Syrup or candy: what are the differences?
Danino 20 December 2021
To feed the bees, is it better to give syrup or candy? The two are not interchangeable. Young beekeepers sometimes do not know what the diff...
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What happens in the hive in December?
Danino 20 December 2021
 In the hive in December, the bees huddle around their queen. They are grouped together in clusters, more and more tight if the outside temp...
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What to do if a colony lose its queen at the end of winter?
Danino 19 December 2021
In this article, I will share with you my end-of-winter experience from last year. What to do at the end of winter if one of your hives lose...
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Winter treatment for varroa
Danino 17 December 2021
 Winter treatment against varroa is essential. The natural cessation of the queen's egg-laying results in the absence of capped brood an...
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